Impressions on glass by Gianni and oil and acrylic paintings by Mauro



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At the gallery Amici dell’Arte Brissago
Impressions on glass by Gianni and oil and acrylic paintings by Mauro Poretti

The vernissage of the exhibition Impressions on Glass by Gianni and Oil and Acrylic Paintings by Mauro Poretti will take place on Saturday 25 March at 5pm at the Galleria Amici dell'Arte in Brissago. The exhibition will be presented by art critic Paolo Blendinger.
It is a special exhibition because it is the first time that father and son, two very different artists, have joined forces to show their works together.
The father is a glass artist, a profession that requires craftsmanship, creativity and patience. Gianni has spent most of his life creating unique works of art from this wonderful raw material. He has learned to work the glass in such a way as to create shapes and nuances of colour that are unimaginable to the ordinary observer.
His son, on the other hand, is an artist who discovered his great passion for drawing and painting as a boy. Mauro is a self-taught artist with an innate talent who has developed his own unique and personal style.
The exhibition is designed so that the works of the two artists complement each other perfectly. The bright colours of the son's canvases are juxtaposed with the more subtle and thoughtful works of the father. Each work is unique and represents a part of the soul of both artists.
The exhibition is an opportunity for father and son to share their passion for art with the public and celebrate their unique relationship.
The exhibition is open until 6 May at the following times:
Tuesday to Friday: 15:00 - 17:30:
Saturday: 10:00 – 11:30
For out-of-hours visits or by appointment, please call 079 221 49 84


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