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Indemini Festival celebrates its 5th anniversary!
We warmly invite you to our concerts in Indemini on the theme Helvetia meets...!
Between 28 July - 8 August 2021, 8 Oper Air concerts will take place in the heart of the picturesque village. Combine an excursion in one of the most beautiful Ticino villages ( with the typical stone roofs and stone alleys in the dreamy Veddasca valley of the municipality of Gambarogno.

Free admission - donations welcome.
We look forward to seeing you!


28 July 2021 Helvetia meets East to West!
19:00 Open-air concert in front of the church, 6571 Indemini
A cappella duo Hallak/Beyers: "Between two voices, from the East
to the West". Swiss-Syrian soprano Soumaya Hallak and Belgian soprano Laure-Catherine Beyers bring together East and West in an eclectic mix of classical and opera.
eclectic blend of classical and traditional music.

29 July 2021 EXIL Helvetia !
19:00 Open-air concert, Terrazza Valécc 37, 6571 Indemini
Concert featuring songs/pieces composed in Switzerland by the composers Richard Strauss and Richard Wagner. Belgian soprano Laure-Catherine Beyers, German-Scottish soprano Luise Breyer-Aiton and at the piano, Dutch-American Peter Nilsson.

30 July 2021 Helvetia DRAMMATICA !
19:00 Open-air concert, Terrazza Valécc 37, 6571 Indemini
Concert with internationally renowned dramatic soprano Jeanne-Michele Charbonnet and Peter Nilsson with a modern and contemporary Swiss programme. Belgian soprano Laure-Catherine Beyers will sing Saluste du Bartas - 6 Villanelles by Arthur Honegger. Canadian-Australian soprano Rachel Pines will complete the dramatically sweet programme.

1 August 2021 PURE Helvetia National Day Concert !
19:00 Open-air concert, Terrazza Valécc 37, 6571 Indemini
Concert featuring Swiss composers such as Bloch, Martin, Schoeck, Honegger, presented by artists and participants of the Indemini Festival masterclass.

4 August 2021 Helvetia AT HOME ! Songs, Canciounes, Chansons ! 19:00 Open-air concert, Terrazza Valécc 37,
6571 Indemini
Trio Frizzante - a Swiss trio is Helvetia - Fritz Keller: vocals, guitar; Fritz Gloor: clarinets; Andreas Pantli: accordion, electric piano.

5 August 2021 Helvetia meets Germany!
19:00 Open-air concert, Terrazza Valécc 37, 6571 Indemini
The 6 German Songs, Op. 103 by Louis Spohr with French-Italian mezzo-soprano Beatrice Nani with Swiss clarinettist Fritz Gloor and Dutch-American Peter Nilsson at the piano.

7 August 2021 Helvetia MEETS Electronic !
19:00 Open-air concert, Terrazza Valécc 37, Indemini, 6571
The Duo Foules " Laissez durer la nuit". French mezzo soprano & synthesizer Julia Deit-Ferrand and Swiss pianist/synthesizer Daniel Hernandez join forces in sound experiments for operatic voice and synthesizer: vocal experiments on sacred pieces, naive secular songs from the Baroque repertoire and traditional folk songs.

8 August 2021 Helvetia meets Russian temperament on 88 keys!
11:00 Matinée, Open-air concert, Terrazza Valécc 37, 6571 Indemini
On the last day of the festival, the pianist will pay tribute to her new and old homeland: in addition to hammer works from the Russian piano repertoire, "Älplers Morgengruss", "Traum der Sennerin", "Bin a lust'ger Jägerbua" and "Schweizers Heimweh" will be set to music on 88 keys.

In the event of bad weather, the concerts will take place at the Casa di Comune/ Libri in Indemini, 6571 Indemini or at St. Bartholomew's Church in Indemini.

All concerts - free entry - donations welcome !


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