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Irmgard Blaser
Irmgard Blaser grew up in Windisch (Canton Aargau) and attended school there. After an apprenticeship as a dressmaker, she trained as a fashion designer at the fashion school in Bern. Several years of work as a designer for various fashion labels. After the commercial diploma, work in adult education and in the course area. After a 5-year degree as a painting and art therapist MA (Master of Art), she worked in the clinical area in inpatient and outpatient therapy. For 6 years with his own practice with a focus on LOM (solution-oriented painting).
Irmgard Blaser painted and drew throughout her professional career. For example, she expressed her current impressions and moods in a picture every day for a whole year. She further developed her painting skills with various lecturers at the “Fabrik am See” academy for contemporary art (D-Gaienhofen). She shares her painting studio with two other artists.
Her works should convey feelings, tell stories. Women are a recurring theme and motif. She works with acrylic, collage, sand, rust and many other materials.


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