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KARIN GOSTELI was born in Horgen (ZH) but grew up in the Lugano area.

She has always had a passion for art which reconciles with her profession as a nurse and time with her family.
Her paintings represent herself and her inner and most intimate sides that she shares with the public through the colors and materials that are in her canvas, giving those sensations of magic and symbiotic balance as if it were a real "rebirth".

Hence the name of the personal exhibition that will be held until July 31 at the Bottega AcoRTE "Rebirth and Desire".

The Desire that her paintings arouse a visual sensation and also a realization of its own rappresentation, taking life and leading to a profound and "rational" emotion.


Opening hours: 
by appointment on +41 79 660 56 66 or at [email protected]


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