L’infinito del gesto - Virgilio Sieni in dialogue with Riccardo Blumer




The body that moves in listening to and paying attention to the gesture creates politics.

The declinations of the movement always lead to the "we", to the encounter, to recognize oneself in the multitude, in the making of the community. It is about the concept of liberation and the stages of democracy. The gesture frees up other gestures and is articulated in dialoguing neighbourhood territories. The state of the body is a poetic and technological device that saves.

The spring ritual that emerges in the memory of gestures leads us to the discovery of ever new spaces. The space of the gesture is a continuous emanation of subtle matter that builds the possible forms of friendship.

Virgilio Sieni's dialogue with Riccardo Blumer aims to reflect on the urgency of manual skills and tactile space as a craft of becoming.

Virgilio Sieni, Italian dancer and choreographer, artist active internationally for the highest theatrical and musical institutions, art foundations and museums. His research is based on the idea of the body as a place of welcome for diversity and as a space to develop the archaeological complexity of gesture. He develops his language starting from the concept of transmission and tactility, with a specific interest in the haptic and multisensory dimension of movement and deepening the themes of resonance, gravity and the limitlessness of gesture.

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