La coeurdonnière


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Theater with Masha Dimitri.


Masha Dimitri's new show "If your heart is broken, heavy, or worse, of stone, Masha Dimitri, expert Coeurdonnière, will take care of it. In his magical atelier, the expert in reparations of hearts will find the solution to your problem, and the heart will return joyous, open and light, indeed it will have wings to fly. A playful and poetic universe that mixes the art of clownery, the circus and magic. 

Without words.


directed by Yves Dagenais
with Masha Dimitri
musics: Oliviero Giannoni
production:  Masha Dimitri in collaboration with the Compagnia Teatro Dimitri


Free entry for people with AVS.
not AVS: CHF 10.00


Info and booking: 091 792 21 21, [email protected]



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