Part of the festivals by Organico Scena Artistica osa!
17th Festival internazionale La donna crea
15th Rassegna internazionale Voci audaci



Christian Zehnder: vocals, overtone vocals, wippcordeon, cervial zither
Schirmer: swiss cymbalom


Between the breathing of sleeping mountain valleys and the whispering of conifers in the wind, songs ring out, carrying memories of a forgotten imaginary homeland. Cimbalom and voice meet, enmeshing and tousling each other like cloud formations against the steep mountain mass, becoming a self-contained sculpture of sound from the alpine space.

Barbara Schirmer and Christian Zehnder (Stimmhorn/Kraah/Oloid) are amongst the most important exponents of a „new alpine music“. In recent years, they have turned the term „folk music“ into a personal architecture of sound of their own, and in doing so, have become well known far beyond Switzerland's borders. 



Adults: CHF 25.00
Students, AVS/AI: CHF 20.00
Children up to 14 years: CHF 10.00


Info and reservations[email protected] - tel. 076 280 96 90


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