LocarnoFolk Events 2019 - Thouxazun


Concert series LocarnoFolk Events 2019 with Thouxazun, Gascon bal .

Let’s fly to Gascony for a magnificent event with ThouxAzun and a workshop by Cristina Zecchinelli. Together we’ll celebrate May in a last blooming dance concert before summertime.
Guillaume Lopez (voice, flute, bagpipe) has been working hard for years in order to modernize traditional Occitan French “Bal”. Together with young and talented Clément Rousse (accordion) he assembled ThouxAzun Duo, a powerful voice mixed with deep sounds from Gascony. Let’s prepare for an intense and exciting musical journey!
Cristina Zecchinelli is an expert of French popular dances and a well-known teacher in Milan. For twenty years she’s been promoting this repertoire. Dances from Gascony are between her specialities, and one of her greatest passions.

16.30 - 19.00 Mini-stage of dances from Gascony with Cristina Zecchinelli
20.30 Concert Bal Folk

adults CHF 20.00
students CHF 15.00
stage CHF 30.00 (25.00 long distance discount) 
stage + concert CHF 40.00 (30.00 long distance discount

Reservation: [email protected] and 078 876 89 97 (booking) or at the box office from 20.00h.

More info: www.locarnofolk.ch.


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