LES VAGUES by Pettit*Rochet
In LES VAGUES, choreographers Pettit*Rochet explore the motif of the wave to speak of saving energy and collective strength in the face of strange chaos. The piece plunges the performers into a space between solitude and unity, brutality and protection, control and chaos. LES VAGUES navigates between opposites, scrolling through an unstable present and future world where adjustment is necessary for survival. Faced with the brutality of relationships and the environment, LES VAGUES explores the limits of the body to reclaim space for oneself and for others, to free oneself, and to try to rediscover meaning and love.

CIRCOLANDO by Nunzio Impellizzeri
Nunzio Impellizzeri draws us into a vibrant choreography, a frenzied rhythm that reflects the constant energy and uninterrupted circulation of modern life, made up of constant cultural evolution. In CIRCOLANDO, the stage becomes a space for daring exploration, a journey through the changes and challenges of our times. The five performers invite us to melt into this continuous stream, to actively participate in shaping the unique fabric of our lives within an ever-changing social dynamic.

Choreography : Pettit*Rochet and Nunzio Impellizzeri
Dancers: Luke Bugeja Gauci, Zoé de Reynier, Jérôme Février, Semina Rizou, Veronica Scanferla
Lighting design: Allez! GmbH
Soundtrack: Nicholas Pettit
Costumes: Matière Première and Pauline Ecuyer
Photography: Jordi Terès
Production: MARCHEPIED Cie

MARCHEPIED Cie is supported annually by the Canton de Vaud, Département de la culture, des infrastructures et des ressources humaines (DCIRH) for all its activities.
Subsidies and support: Ville de Lausanne, Loterie Romande, Pour-cent culturel Migros, Sophie und Karl Binding Stiftung, Fondation Engelberts.

90 min. with break | Dance


  • Theatre