Maestro Milo "Pianeta Blu"



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A new exhibition in the spaces of the Majid Foundation in Ascona. It is the solo exhibition of Maestro Milo Lombardo, titled "Blue Planet," which you can visit from February 3rd until the end of March 2024.

Milo Lombardo, born in 1941 in Barletta, has always lived in Milan, where he studied at the Free Academy of Nude Art. Having abandoned classical figurative art, Milo defines himself as a "Modern Individualist Figurative" or "Modern Figurative Abstract" artist, as evidenced by his works' abstract, modern forms and colours. An internationally renowned painter and sculptor, his artistic production often addresses social themes, such as the denunciation of environmental emergencies and ocean pollution.

"Art, for me, is life; it is what propels me forward in improving, growing, and transmitting something of myself to others. This is my life."
Milo Lombardo


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