Marco Santilli Rossi & Band "Fiori d'ombra"




Among Swiss musicians, Marco Santilli can aspire to an absolute record: that of the multiformity of his musical proposals. His creative passion, his unstoppable inventiveness, pushes him to measure himself against various musical styles and genres. From song to classical music, from jazz to modern folk, his approach is always full of well-tempered enthusiasm, coloured, moreover, by a very personal charge of pleasant humour. His is a 'pop' with substantial musical content, with respect for a precise genre and because 'even in this form I remain a musician'. Ironic about himself and the health of 'pop' music, he had released 'Non so cantar', followed by the album 'Tempi passati', in rotation on national broadcasters. Supported by versatile professionals, Marco now presents his new album 'Fiori d'ombra' in which bold melodies with sophisticated harmonies and supported by an unmistakable voice coexist. Simply 'music', music without a doubt, which is sufficient in itself.


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