Maria Cuffaro



The investigative journalist Maria Cuffaro tells us about herself.  

A journalist and a witness who does not claim to know the truth, nor to judge, but only to understand.  
What does being a journalist mean? Is it possible to be impartial witnesses?

Moderator for the evening will be RSI journalist Rossana Maspero.

Through the chapters of Maria Cuffaro’s book, we discover the doubts, the anxieties and the insecurities arising in the mind and heart of a journalist when meeting the victims of history. A journalist divided in her soul since birth: daughter of a fallen Sicilian nobleman, an adventurer, perhaps by choice, who, in India in the early 1900s, met Chandra, a Swiss-Indian prisoner of an Orthodox Brahminical family. 

Maria grew up divided, but acquired the ability to better understand the sufferings of those who remain entangled in the middle. 

The author, on the stage of Teatro San Materno, will retrace some of the moments described in the book Kajal Le vite degli altri e la mia (Kajal, The Lives of Others and Mine), where great history mixes with personal history, such as during the war and the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003/5. 

History is told through the encounters of the victims as well as of the executioners.  Maria will face the eternal human conflict between the inner and outer dimension, between impulses and instincts, between the great history which requires judgements and empathy, which, instead, leads us to listen without judging. We will cross Iraq, Iran, Cambodia, post-Soviet Russia, the Sicily of mafia massacres, and India.  

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