Mega Circlesongs


Part of the festivals by Organico Scena Artistica osa!
18th Festival internazionale La donna crea
16th Rassegna internazionale Voci audaci


Led choral singing, which becomes like a river, open to all who wish to sing. Led by Rhiannon, USA, Anita Daulne, Rep. Dem. of Congo / Belgium, Oskar Boldre, Italy.


Concert, in which the artists solo or in group improvise, leading participants in a collective choral music, that becomes like river or cloud with the direction of the three lead voices. Open to all who wish to sing together, also without preparation. This technique, inspired by the singing customs of many peoples, was made famous by Bobby McFerrin.



adults CHF 25.00
students and AVS CHF 20.00
children CHF 10.00


More info: www.organicoscenaartistica.ch.



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