Miracle Anna



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What happens when a "defective" child arrives in a family, the one you thought was only born in someone else's home? What happens to a father and a mother who are faced daily with the existence of a creature they brought into the world but with whom they cannot communicate? Helen does not see, hear or speak. And his parents don't know where to turn. Pity and anger, hope and the sense of defeat, love and hate, every feeling is allowed, every reaction is unpredictable. And what do you, Helen, perceive of what is around you? Do you realize that your life produces suffering? In a society where only the beautiful is successful, only the healthy is tolerated, father and mother have no escape: Helen must be removed, placed in an institution, hidden, forgotten. But Anna arrives at home, tough, inflexible, with a history of semi-blindness behind her, a life spent among "defective" creatures. It is a true story and tells of the epochal transition to sign language, considered among the top ten great discoveries of modern history, an intangible asset of humanity, a linguistic revolution that has allowed us to open a dialogue between those who speak and those who do not speak.


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