Moghegno in festa



11 a.m. Opening of the refreshment bar
11.30 a.m. Presentation of the Bira di Baröi: the Ciao.Castégna
12 noon Mixed grill accompanied by Ciao.Castégna beer.
Possibility to visit La Tinèra dal Liséo and view the project developed by the Moghegno 360 Foundation. Possibility to visit the Grà di lacomèll, where the chestnuts used for the production of Ciao.Castégna were dried. Musical entertainment with the TRII BÜTT and various games in the square
3 p.m. Show for young and old "Sciodudù" by Francesco Mariotta
4 p.m. Lottery drawing



  • Enogastronomy
  • Local festivals

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