Musica e testi mistici dal mondo




The Festival "Sacred Songs and Dances" continues on Sunday, March 10th, at the Church of San Francesco in Locarno at 3:30 PM with the Mirabilis Ensemble.

The show "Music and Mystical Texts from the World" offers a kaleidoscopic musical and theatrical journey, realized through quick insights, brief readings from some of the most significant philosophical and spiritual texts in literature of all times, guided, narrated, and brought to life by pieces from various traditions of the world.

Performed by the Mirabilis Ensemble, a group comprising outstanding singers and musicians from the Italian artistic panorama in the realms of classical and lyrical music, sacred and pop music, jazz, new age, and ethnic music, we will listen to pieces "from the world," from different epochs and cultures, even if distant, united by an aspiration towards infinity. The viewer thus has the opportunity to immerse, lose, and find themselves in a fragment of beauty and depth.


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