Nadia Gabi & Le Due nel Cappello, con Raissa Aviles



"Erba matta”, the new album of Nadia Gabi & Le Due nel Cappello, is inspired by the song 'La mauvaise herbe' by Georges Brassens. For Brassens "the weeds" are all those who renounce living in a herd, in other words they are different, the outcasts, the anarchists. Nadia Gabi & le Due nel Cappello have appropriated this concept, transferring it into an insolent, untamed, rebellious music. "Erba matta" dips into the well of some indigenous Ticino and Lombardy songs, and then transform them into percussive and electric arrangements, with the intention of breaking up, desecrating, and even overturning the initial music. The new album, released in September 2020, was born after a collective process that lasted over a year, combining the passion for early 60s-70s folk of the "globetrotting" artist Nadia Gabi and the more recent world music tinged with rock of the versatile duo from Como Le Due nel Cappello formed by Sara Magon and Clara Zucchetti. Joining them for the LocarnoFOLK concert is special guest Raissa Aviles, an actress and singer born in Ticino from a Swiss mother and Mexican father; in her musical projects she draws on her Latin American roots and jazz; sometimes she is accompanied by Sara Magon. Many surprises will undoubtedly emerge from the four women's magician’s hat.
Nadia Gabi: voice, guitar
Sara Magon: voice, guitar, ukulele, bass
Clara Zucchetti: voice, ukulele, percussion, drums
Raissa Aviles, Special Guest: voice



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