Nina Dimitri, Silvana Gargiulo, Nicole Knuth “Verso il Sole”




A tragicomic road trip to Ticino.

It's that time again! We set off to visit the country's own south. Either one route, the one with the most futuristic toilets in Switzerland along the way, or the other route, the longer one with the best Graubünden nut cake. Yes. You didn't know that? The south is far away. The longing for the sea is near. What do you think people in the south dream about? Hardly about us. We are the reality.

So let's build a conciliatory bridge. With art, music and literature. Hesse, Storni and of course Goethe. «Lasciate ogni speranza voi ch‘entrate!» (Dante). «Wir treten trotzdem ein!» (Qualtinger).

An enjoyable bilingual journey. With music, literature, and dance. Dance? Indeed. You can definitely call it dance. Suitable for all language levels (A1-C2).

Ages 10 and up | 75 min. without a break | In German and Italian  


  • Theatre