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We tend to refer to the economy and labour as a series of numbers, statistics, flowcharts. Between
the 1980s and the 2010s, the GDP share in corporate profits gained 8 points, ie 120 billion euros per year. This wealth ended up in profits instead of wages, resulting in income inequality having widened enormously and workers; incomes plummeting. What humanity and what are the human costs hidden behind the gap of a society in which the concept of work and value is based on social accounting? To find an answer, Manlio Marinelli presents us a text which retraces the thought of Karl Marx, specifically that of his early writings on philosophy and society, based on a polylogue that explores the alienated and silently hurting humanity of contemporary society; that so-called liquid society, which actually is, on the contrary, an oppressive swamp where the most terrible existential butchery of the last fifty years is at play.

Of Manlio Marinelli.


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