Open Air con Nina Dimitri, Marco Zappa, Daria Zappa e Silvana Gargiulo



Two of Ticino's most famous artist families meet for a unique open air concert at the legendary Teatro Dimitri in Verscio. The first part with the unmistakable voice of the world famous singer and songwriter Nina Dimitri and her Italian partner Silvana Gargiulo. And the second part with Ticino family and music legend Marco Zappa and his daughter Daria Zappa. As a historic end of the evening, the Dimitri and Zappa families will sing and play together.
- The entrance fee is as little or as much as you can afford.
- Door opening at 18:00
- Concert starts at 20:30
- Maximum number of spectators 300
- Restaurant and bar are open during the whole event.


  • Music
  • Theatre

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