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Pietro Beretta, artist by choice and out of pleasure, grew up in Ascona in a family environment of artists and intellectuals, so much so that his life as an artist can be said to have been marked since his childhood. However, he devoted himself to art only when he reached the age of sixty, retired and free of commitments; when he could finally give free rein to all his creativity creating, with intelligence and without preconceptions, his large canvases that were long meditated on and which significantly dialogue and refer to the great European and American artists, groups and movements of the Sixties, from the Informal to Pop Art, from Neo-Dada to the Neoavantgarde. Bricoleur of the soul, Beretta takes pride in handling, creating or (re)employing any recovered material, whether it be old iron, an advertising sign or even an educated quotation from art history, because according to Levi Strauss they are still "fossil witnesses to the history of an individual or a society", which the artist can recover by expressing himself through his inventiveness, while believing in a sustainable and ecological society.


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