Pinocchio - CANCELED


As part of the festival Rassegna A’ToutPublic.

Theater show with the company Zaches Teatro.


We find ourselves in a decommissioned Marionette Theater, in a place with an enchanted flavor, to tell a story that sees as protagonist a puppet, purposely created to tread the scenes. On closer inspection, however, there is a curious reversal taking place: instead of being the puppets to represent living beings are instead human beings, the actors, to represent puppets. Accompanying us in this magical world between dream and reality, is the enigmatic figure of the Fata-doll turchina, narrator-manipulator of history who, constantly using theatrical tricks, guides Pinocchio in his adventures - initiatic misadventures. 

Few words in Italian.

From 10 years.


freely inspired by the short story by C. Collodi
dramaturgy and cirected by Luana Gramegna
with Giulia Vana, Gianluca Gabriele and Enrica Zampetti
production: Zaches Teatro



adults: CHF 25.00
AVS: CHF 20.00
students: CHF 15.00
children from 3 until 19 years: CHF 10.00


Info and booking: 091 792 21 21, [email protected]



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