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Project Sigurd Leeder, Dance Heritage.


Karin Hermes and Marco Volta re-enacting a number of choreographies based on the creative process of German dancer and pedagogue Sigurd Leeder, who also inspired Pina Bausch.

War memorial, 1936, 1956
Impromptu, 1952
“Oh Dear”, 1949
Mobile, 1975

Choreography alternating with readings by Sigurd Leeder with Alison Curtis-Jones, Karin Hermes, Marco Volta.


Sigurd Leeder, born in 1902 in Hamburg, died in 1981 in Herisau, Switzerland. He taught at the "Sigurd Leeder Dance School" in Herisau (Switzerland) from 1964 to 1981. He was Director of the school in collaboration with Greta Müller. He was internationally renowned and attracted students from throughout the world. Leeder worked in close collaboration with Kurt Jooss, developing the Jooss-Leeder method, which had a lasting impact on a future generation of dancers that included Pina Bausch, Jean Cebron, Jeann Brabants and many others. Leeder was an outstanding dancer, dance teacher and specialist in the analysis of movement; he was President of the International Council of Kinetography Laban (or "Labanotation"). The Swiss Dance archive hosts the Sigurd Leeder Collection, which is free to access.



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