Queer Ball Ticino





the Queer Ball experience is coming to Ticino. Join as a spectator or compete and win the first edition!

Guest Judge: The internationally renowned Drag Queen, Elecktra Bionic
Giüdas de nos: Jusher Avain, Daniela Moroni, and a surprise guest that we will announce soon.

The winner(s) will pose in a professional photo set with Madame Elecktra Bionic and shots by Jusher Avain.
The competition consists of two categories, and every soul can enroll in only one category.

The two categories:
Hit the floor - Whether it's Voguing, Jodel, Gäuerlen, Waacking, or Mazurca, let us feel the heat of Ticino while it's burning.
Worker realness runway - Work attire strutting like Naomi Campbell. Factory, office, public services, bring the house down!

The two winners will then face off in a grand final challenge.
Lips Inc murder - Above Madonna, beyond Shakira, more than Beyoncé, better than Gaga, and free from Britney.

At the console, Ilaria and Mel? On the mic, Mahdi.

EveryBODY can participate - especially those who identify with a raclette set. All you need is the desire to express yourself freely.

Tickets, information, and the registration form to compete or attend can be found on our link.


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