Red Bull Can You Make It



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Red Bull Can You Make It" is an adventurous event where teams of three from around the world, consisting of individuals aged between 18 and 35, participate. Over the course of seven days, they travel across Europe to Berlin without money and smartphones, using only Red Bull cans as currency. With Milan being one of the five starting points, some teams will route their journey through Ticino. An exciting checkpoint will soon be revealed in the Ascona-Locarno region, where teams will face a team challenge. Successful completion of this challenge rewards them with additional Red Bull cans and food to continue their journey. The checkpoint consists of a small 3m x 3m pavilion, requiring minimal space and accommodating no more than 10 people at a time. This event offers a great opportunity to experience the international community of young adventurers while also promoting the renown of the picturesque Ticino landscape.


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