Remo Rossi's ateliers. A place of artistic creation and cultural exchange



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40 years after the death of Remo Rossi, the Foundation dedicated to him intends to highlight what was undoubtedly his greatest work, i.e. the construction of the atelier complex in the Saleggi di Locarno, a place of creation and comparison which became an important crossroads of art and culture, thanks to the welcome on the shores of Lake Maggiore of numerous leading exponents of international art. The study on the birth and evolution of the Rossi ateliers, as well as the reconstruction of the complex artistic and cultural interweaving that characterized this place in the second half of the last century, have been thoroughly investigated, making it possible to rediscover and enhance a fundamental moment in history of Locarno and more generally of the canton of Ticino.
In the exhibition dedicated to the history of the Rossi ateliers, the works of the great artists who animated this place tell how fundamental the role of Remo Rossi was for the history of contemporary art in Ticino. About thirty paintings, drawings and sculptures by artists such as Jean Arp, Otto Charles Bänninger, Emilio Maria Beretta, Max Bill, Jules Bissier, Serge Brignoni, Daniele Buzzi, Fritz Glarner, Ingeborg Lüscher, Alberto Magnelli, Gudrun Müller-Poeschmann, Jakob Probst , Germaine Richier, Hans Richter, Italo Valenti, works belonging to Rossi's private collection, join the 7 works created by some of the artists who have succeeded one another over the course of these 40 years in Remo Rossi's atelier. The works of Pedro Pedrazzini, Marco Gurtner, Manlio Monti, Lorenzo Salvadori, Reto Rigassi, Bernard Struchen and Fausto Tommasina attest to the continuity of Remo Rossi's innovative community project, centered on the constructive dialogue between art and culture.


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