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Cresciano - Brissago
Renata L. Scapozza Renata L. exhibits in Brissago

She is born in Corzonesco in 1949, from Luigi and Anita Scapozza and lives in Cresciano.
Her artistic path can be considered quite unusual. Her background comes from the Centro Scolastico industrie artistiche and in 1972 she transfers to New York where she keeps practising the art of drawing at the Brooklyn Museum Art School and then at the Art Students League. During this period one of her nude drawings, with its typical broad and soft strokes, was published in the school’s magazine. She learns to control of the oil painting technique by using dense strokes, expressive and loud colours, typical of young age, this style will remain constant throughout her work. During these years she produces the large oil painting Barbona in New York of an old lady sitting on a bench, as a symbol of her stay in New York. But the roots of her work are here in Ticino, even the enrolment to Brera, will not change this. The rhythm and spacing of her compositions are based in the early academic teachings and in the American experiences. With these technical and creative skills, the artist navigates through the seventies and overcomes the difficulties and realities of life as an artist.
The exhibition will be inaugurated on Saturday 13 May at 5 pm and will be open until 24 June 2023
Opening hours: from Tuesday to Friday 15-17.30, Saturday morning 10-11.30 or by appointment: [email protected] 091 793 43 36.


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