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During the month of October, the Club Andromeda del Locarnese sets up an exhibition of paintings at the Art Gallery Il Rivellino in Locarno, the title of this exhibition is "Rebirth", which will open with the inauguration on Saturday the 2nd October 2021.
One of the main purposes of this exhibition, whose main exhibitors will be Deborah Candolfi, Giovanna Lanini and Rudy Flückiger, with the support and help of the two animators Catherine Decarli and Laura Taiana, is to promote awareness work, creating situations of meeting with the population, helping to break down prejudices and fears, recognizing diversity as a founding and aggregative value.
The general program of the event will open with a welcome at 10.00, followed by the official ceremony at 10.15 with speeches by the president of the Club and the authorities. The ceremony will be enlivened by a musical interval, an interval that will lead to the opening of the doors of the exhibition. The event will end at 12.30.


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