Riverside Records

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Riverside Records: a rediscovery of 1920s “race records” with 1950s graphics.

The exhibition presents around 200 vinyl record covers created between 1954 and 1964 by the renowned graphic designer Paul Bacon for the American Riverside record label.


Vernissage: Saturday 23th June, at 11 am in Casa Serodine.

Tuesday 26th June, at 18:00h: Introduction to the exhibition by Stefano Wagner and Alessandro Zanoli.


Opening hours:

Friday - Sunday: 10.00h - 12.00h / 17.00h - 22.00h
Monday - Thursday: 17.00h - 22.00h

Thursday - Sunday: 15.00h - 18.00h


More info: tel. 091 759 81 40; [email protected]


The exhibition is organized in collaboration with the Festival JazzAscona, which will take place from 21st til 30th June 2018.


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