Rossana Taddei “MUEVE”




Rossana Taddei, international artist, singer, composer, visual artist.

Rossana Taddei stops at Teatro Dimitri with her tour that began in January 2023 in Uruguay. The MUEVEtour2023 saw her tour the length and breadth of Uruguay performing 18 concerts on prestigious stages and important theaters, and then continued to Switzerland, where she also performed with the New Azzan Big Band.

Music is movement.

Each show is different and special, whether it is in the MINIMALmambo format, the duo with drummer-percussionist Gustavo Etchenique, as in this case or rather in trio form, in the case of a special guest: you never know!

Rossana is ready to let you hear her new songs, starting with "Reparación," the track that launches her forthcoming album.

Rossana Taddei: guitar and vocals
Gustavo Etchenique: drums and percussion

For all | 90 min. | Music (eclectic singer-songwriter)


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