SPRING CONCERT Orchestra mandolinistica di Lugano




The OML has rarely proposed themed concerts, however it always presents a program with some fixed points, which also have the intention of proposing a varied and multifaceted concert. Among these elements we can find a well-known baroque piece, which opens the concert (the Largo di Veracini); a piece with a soloist, and for the occasion we have the pleasure and honor to have father and son Nikiforoff who will perform the wonderful double concerto of the Red Priest. It is almost an ethical and cultural duty for me to present new original pieces for plucked instruments every time and this spring there will be no less than two: the wonderful Kuwahara Song which is among the most performed pieces by our "colleague" orchestras throughout the world, and Kreidler's brilliant Danza de Saudade. To complete the program there are transcriptions taken from the old repertoire and almost always I serch between composers very near to us: Karl Jenkins (Palladio) and who knows maybe you can also listen to a piece by Leroy Anderson...

Nicola Bühler


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