Sergio Cammariere: Piano Solo and Special Guest Giovanna Famulari cello (Only concert in Switzerland)




Originally from Crotone and "citizen of the world" to pursue the great dream of music, he has published several albums, including "From the peace of the distant sea", "On the path", "The bread, the wine and the vision", "Carovane" and the last, released in 2012, which bears his name and outlines a precise and refined identity, “Sergio Cammariere”. Author of prestigious soundtracks for cinema, he also collaborates with the theatre, always enjoying success with critics and audiences. Great and generous concert performer, winner of important awards including the Targa Tenco, always attentive to the search for new sounds, his sensitive versatility makes him an all-round artist, who ranges from classical music to jazz, from South American rhythms to progressive atmospheres, made original by an innate talent for composition and by a synergy with his piano that is almost an extension of his being.


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