Silvana Gargiulo “Felicità”




With her first solo-program and the inviting title “Felicità”, which means “happiness” in Italian, Silvana Gargiulo embarks on the hopeless struggle for ideals that our society throws at us on a daily basis. She fights against the seductive powers of the refrigerator, as well as for the ideal size of the waist of 60 cm. When even the fridge turns against her by imposing opening hours, the scale turns out to be less collaborative and physical training brings no positive results contrary to all predictions, Silvana Gargiulo makes peace with herself and with the audience that is exhausted from laughter. A theater evening that encourages everybody to face the fitness stress in a relaxed way and indulge in existence.

Idea and direction: Ueli Bichsel.

From 8 years | 70-75 min. | In German & Italian


  • Theatre