Sounds in the Dark




Sara Calvanelli, Oliver Kühn (Monsieur O.) e Sandro Schneebeli “Sounds in the Dark”

…a musical journey around the world, surprising and intense, in total darkness…

A unique sensory experience, in total darkness.

Sandro Schneebeli (Lugano, Switzerland) recounts that he had the first spark of this idea in 2012, hearing about the “blind” restaurant Blinde Kuh in Zurich. Sandro thought that if eating in the dark could be a pleasure, the same must be possible with music and sounds. Working on this first intuition, “Sounds in the Dark” was born, a unique concert, a sound and sensory experience lived in the total absence of light.
The first performances, held in almost all of Switzerland, were followed by requests for concerts in Germany, India, Egypt and Sweden with more than 280 dates of “Sounds in the Dark”, from 2012 to 2020.

After a forced break due to personal reasons and the pandemic, Sandro Schneebeli didn’t really know if and how to continue these concerts. Until, in 2023, he found renewed motivation and new stimuli to take up this project again, thanks to the artistic encounter with Sara Calvanelli, Tuscan musician, and Oliver Kühn, actor and director from St. Gallen. “Sounds in the Dark” has thus re-emerged from obscurity with a new, original form.

It will be Monsieur O., with his words and his voice, who will accompany the audience into the concert hall. Monsieur O. will guide us in the transition from the light of the outside to the darkness of the room, so that everyone can settle in and find their place in the darkness.
In a completely dark space, specially cared for and prepared, we will be surrounded by sounds, music, noises and melodies coming from musical instruments, natural elements and mysterious objects all to be discovered. But also from voices, silences, colors and perfumes. A unique journey, full of great emotional transport and pleasant surprises.

Focusing exclusively on the sense of hearing and perception, without having other distractions, the viewer will be pervaded by a sense of peace and deeply grasped by the power of the sensations evoked by the artists.

We abandon the anxieties and habits of everyday life for an authentic immersion in the deepest spheres of our interiority.

From 6 years | 60 mins. | Music in the dark


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