Töfflitour Chur-Ascona



On the lakeside of Ascona, comes the 8th edition of the Töfflitour Chur-Ascona. More than 500 mopeds will leave from the square of the capital of Graubünden at 7.30 am, to arrive like a great swarm of bees around 5 pm to invade the beautiful shores of the lakeside Ascona. A unique and original spectacle to admire. A tour to indulge in the youth years and have fun, without stopwatches and where everyone is a winner.

Only officially registered people can take part in the tour.

Here you can download the Regulations (in German) and the Declaration of Civil Liability (in German).

For further information: [email protected]

Born from the idea of The Waazzoouu's, organized by KHUR.CH, supported by Chur Tourismus and Ascona-Locarno Turismo, and Fischer Logistik.


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