As a mentalist, Francesco Tesei has always tried to "read people's minds", an ability often described with the word Telepathy.

The period we are experiencing, however, has imposed the concept of social distancing as an absolute priority.
It is therefore particularly important, and current, to return to the etymological meaning of the word: Tele-Pathos, which means - from the Greek - "passion shared at a distance".
With this new show, son of the moment we are living, the mentalist hopes to shorten the distances between people, returning to play with interactions based on words but also on gestures, actions, breaths and smiles.
To throw off the mask, experience real and non-virtual emotions, and build together with the active participation of the public something that we could define with a neologism: telempathy.
No supernatural or paranormal power, therefore, but only the desire and need to start sharing typically human experiences, such as wonder and amazement, in an empathetic way.