TICINO MUSICA - Opera Studio internazionale “Rita”




TICINO MUSIC - International Opera Studio
by Gaetano Donizetti
musical direction Umberto Finazzi
With singers and instrumental ensemble of Opera Studio internazionale
Comic opera in one act to a libretto by Gustave Vaez. Rita has married a sailor, Gasparo, who on her wedding day, after beating her, abandons her and flees. Convinced that the sailor died in a shipwreck, she remarries Pepé, and this time it is she who beats him. Gasparo returns. Meanwhile, he has become engaged to a Canadian woman. Pepé wants to give him back such a boorish wife, but Gasparo does not accept. He destroys the matrimobio act and takes to the sea to join his beautiful Canadian.


  • Music
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