Tearticolo - È tutto mio



As part of the festival The enchanted castle - 21st International puppet theatre festivalTearticolo in È tutto mio! dice il piccolo corvo Calzino.

In a wonderful country live Hedgehog, Mole, Hare, Owl, Badger, Fox, Wolf, Sheep, Bear and Boar. But the little crow Calzino can't stop stealing. Always he comes up with new tricks, to steal the toys from his friends. Soon his nest is full of treasures, but while the others play, laugh and sing, he is alone. So he realizes that the greatest treasure is friendship, which cannot be stolen.

Beginning at 21.00h, free entry.

Table puppets, live music, in Italian.

In case of bad weather the show will be organised in the Salone comunale.

At 20.00h - 21.00h: Puppets creation workshops for everyone. Duration 1 hour. Registration on site.

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