Teatro La Fuffa « Rouille et Paillettes »




Coproduced by Equilibre - Nuithonie - Fribourg.

The Clapier family is forced to live in a caravan at a funfair inherited from a distant relative of the father... little by little, they sink into a black hole where time seems to have stopped forever, as if in a dusty shop window. The glittering prison in which they are locked will exalt the hilarious dynamics of the Clapier family to the extreme.

Young Mathilde, almost 15, dreams of becoming a punk serial killer and is trying to find herself in a world that doesn't seem to suit her. Her father, Bernard, the amusement park accountant, is secretly training to become a tango dancer with a stuffed animal he calls Rosalia, behind the cotton candy stand. The mother, Alice, tries to escape a thousand regrets with constant sarcasm, which, however, will drive her deeper and deeper into the darkest part of herself.

In short, in this story, they are all antagonists of themselves, and the only way out is to take refuge in their fantasies. Between "reality" and "fiction", the audience will, at times, no longer be able to tell the difference between what's happening in the story and the grotesque fantasies of the characters on stage. The 3 actors will tell the story of the Clapier family, playing with numerous theatrical and non-theatrical codes, in a biting mix of tragedy and comedy that will blend together, as is often the case in life.

Ages 12 and up | 80 min. without a break | In French


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