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From the 8th February until 9th of March 2019, la rada - independent space for contemporary art in Locarno - hosts Temptation Blocker - nothing banal, cute, traditional, a collective exhibition by the artists Byron Gago, Karin Kurzmeyer, Tobias Madison, Valentina Minnig, Eric Philippoz, Bertold Stallmach.

Curated by Riccardo Lisi.


Temptation Blocker is a software that allows you to escape from your obsessions, blocking the visualization and use of any digital content related to them, be it a celebrity, a game, a vice and so on. For us a cultural predisposition of the province is to expose what is expected, usual and not uncommon, so in this show the six artists chosen, coming from every cardinal pole of Switzerland, will try to amaze the public and to strike the common perception of good taste.

The works will range from heterodox sculptures and installations - a  field the curator loves to attend – to animation video (Bertold Stallmach), bas-reliefs and two-dimensional works, in the case of Eric Philippoz, who will also perform during the inauguration, on the evening of Friday 8 February.

The materials used will be many: from ceramics playing with camouflage, by Karin Kurzmeyer, to tropical mushrooms by Byron Gago, passing through the poor materials normally used by Valentina Minnig and for what Tobias Madison wants to surprise us with, within his vast production.

Objects and languages of mass consumption will be transfigured, without fear of kitsch results, and there will be contamination with cultures of distant countries and uses closer to myth, than to reality, such as shamanism. But also traditional images and costumes of our Switzerland will find a pungent processing.

This time, la rada wants to offer the public something phantasmagorical: a new interpretation of the grotesque and visionary, a frequent theme in Switzerland’s rich production of art today.


Vernissage: Friday 8th February 2019, 6.00 pm.


Opening Hours: 

Thursday-Saturday, 2-7 pm or on appointment

Free entry.


More info: www.larada.ch or [email protected].


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