The Accademia Dimitri in Vallemaggia




On Friday 19 July at 20:30, in Piazza Moghegno, the Accademia Dimitri presents an unmissable occasion for theatre lovers. The evening will offer the public a varied and thought-provoking experience, with three separate performances exploring different themes and expressive languages.

It opens with Andrina Hauri's "Singing Musical Introduction", a fascinating performance lasting about 7 minutes that will transport the audience into an evocative atmosphere through voice and music.

This is followed by 'Happy End' by Anna Russegger, a wordless clownish performance full of irony and poetry, which deals with universal themes such as love, anger, dreams and madness with lightness and depth. A 20-minute performance that will captivate the audience with its comedy and emotional charge.

The evening ends with 'Parola Vegetale' by KollektivARB, a work of physical theatre that invites us to reflect on our relationship with the plant world. Through movements, sounds and poetry, the artists propose an alternative vision of nature, stimulating the audience to consider plants as sentient beings with which to enter into dialogue. A 20-minute show that fascinates and interrogates, leaving an indelible trace in the spectators.

All performances are free admission. In case of bad weather, the event will be cancelled.

The evening is a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the world of physical theatre and experience new forms of artistic expression. An appointment not to be missed for art lovers and all those who wish to have an unforgettable cultural experience.


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