The Cool Couple - Inaugurazione Winding and Unwinding




Winding and Unwinding is a project by the Italian duo The Cool Couple conceived for Monte Verità. In a reinterpretation of the futuristic research idea of Olga Fröbe-Kapteyn, artist, intellectual and founder of the Eranos Conferences, the artists move on the ridge of the relationship between art, philosophy, psychology and natural forms, which is reinterpreted by artificial intelligence. The three works exhibited in the spaces of the Bauhaus hotel are born from the comparison of a corpus of drawings by Fröbe-Kapteyn with a dataset of scientific images and a multimedia installation, housed in the air-light hut Casa Selma, stages a dialogue between entities resulting from a study of the many personalities who have contributed to the corpus of writings of the Eranos Foundation.
The exhibition stems from the project La Scia del Monte ou les utopistes magnétiques in collaboration with the MBAL in Le Locle and is an event organized on the occasion of the monographic exhibition "Olga Fröbe-Kapteyn: Artist – Researcher", set up at the Casa Rusca Museum in Locarno, from 8 August 2024 to 12 January 2025.

Followed by a vegetarian aperitif.

The Cool Couple is a duo founded in 2012 by Niccolò Benetton (1986) and Simone Santilli (1987). Their research is based on a multidisciplinary approach to the processes of production, sharing and interaction with images.
TCC's work has been exhibited in various Italian and foreign institutions: Centro di Cultura Contem-poranea Strozzina, Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Unseen Photography Festival, Centquatre, Les Rencontres des Arles, Museo MACRO, MAMBO, Museo del '900, Galleria Civica di Trento.
Among the awards received: the Fabbri Prize for Contemporary Photography (2014), the Graziadei Prize (2015), the Under 40 Photography Award of Artverona (2017), the Johannesburg Prize (2019). In 2020, TCC is among the winners of the eighth edition of the Italian Council, an award that is added to the Artevisione award, promoted by Careof and Sky Arte, and the Bonotto award at Artefiera.
The Cool Couple is a lecturer at NABA and course leader of the three-year course in visual arts at Made Pro-gram.


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