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Take a journey back to the sixties with The Doors in Concert, an authentic tribute band to the psychedelic US rock band The Doors.

The Doors were unpredictable and notorious for their energetic live performances, most notably charismatic frontman Jim Morrison. The tribute band The Doors In Concert does the same. Using the same vintage instruments as The Doors used, The Doors In Concert are very close to the original sound. Visually, they are in no way inferior to the original - the similarity of the band members to The Doors as known in the 60s is amazing. The Doors In Concert offer a breathtaking live show that is bursting with energy. All you have to do is go, the band does the rest.

Authentic Tribute Band
The absolute authenticity is the trademark of this tribute band. So only instruments are used, which were played exactly by the original band to get as close as possible to the right sound. Of course the Vox Continental, Gibson G-101 and Gibson SG fit into this framework. The keyboardist of The Doors in Concert plays the bass lines with his left hand on a historically correct Silver-Top Fender Rhodes Piano Bass just like Ray Manzarek, who used exactly the same model.

Of course, the vintage Fender amps and microphones are also used, just like THE DOORS did in their day. Every instrument and every piece of technical equipment is carefully and lovingly recreated and assembled to preserve the glorious original sound in the finest detail. The Doors in Concert produce the 'live' sound of the original band with their authentic equipment. The "live" versions are often musically much more interesting and pure than the edited studio recordings.

Hits from THE DOORS
Inspired by the various live recordings, especially songs from these (musical) spheres are played: "The Doors In Concert", "Live at the Aquarius Theatre", "Live in Pittsburgh", "Live in New York", "Live in Stockholm" and "Live at the Matrix". Thus, in addition to the many hits such as Light My Fire, The End, Riders On The Storm, Roadhouse Blues and Love Street, songs such as Alabama Song (Whisky Bar) / Backdoor Man, End Of The Night, Gloria, LA Woman, Unknown Soldier, Hyacinth House, When The Music's Over and many more will be heard.


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