The giant squid



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Angela's life is absurd and incomprehensible, like that of each of us. As a girl many dreams and passions made her heart beat, but the rigid lines of society and family led her to a situation that is like a bitter pill stuck in her throat, and it goes neither up nor down. Today more than ever: she returned to Milan for the office dinner, but the return of vacationers from the sea blocks her in line towards Roncobilaccio.
Angela curses all those people, she also curses the sea they come from. And she still has her mouth open when an impossible wave takes her away, overwhelming and turning her life upside down. In a vortex out of this world and out of space, where he finds himself spinning together with a strange and old-fashioned guy, Montfort, who comes from another nation and another century, and they have in common only that they don't know how they got there. Thus begins their journey, which wave after wave will slam them to experience the adventures of women and men who instead have had the courage to embrace the sea and life as a single, amazing wonder. Unknown but fundamental lives, incredible but very true, linked by having wholeheartedly believed in the existence of an animal so huge and far from normal that for millennia it was considered a legend: the giant squid.


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