The tricks of marrying a daughter



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The most loved and famous comedy in the Goviano repertoire is set in Genoa in the 1950s. Steva (Stefano), a simple man, is continually harassed by the reproaches of his wife Giggia (Luigina) who is busy in the frantic search for a "good match" to marry their only daughter Matilde. In the home of this moderately wealthy family, a continuous coming and going of more or less eligible candidates begins, generating a growing vortex of misunderstandings, gags, squabbles and laughter.
Giggia is ready to make "false cards" to guarantee the heir and the whole family a future of comfort and wealth. But as we know, things never go the way you want, especially when you resort to intrigue and everything will end as the good-natured, but certainly not stupid, Steva had predicted. A character in which Govi ??was unforgettable thanks also to his adaptation of Nicolò Bacigalupo's comedy about himself. A difficult level to reach and imitate, a feat in which only Tullio Solenghi has been able to attempt and succeed.


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