Three tall women



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While an authoritarian, sarcastic ninety-two-year-old lady is dying, she is cared for by two women: a disillusioned and sharp-tongued fifty-year-old and an arrogant and energetic twenty-five-year-old. And she is visited by the ghostly apparition of a beautiful boy. With his dialogues, which range from incontinence to infidelity, Albee offers us a portrait of old age far from any sentimentality and between the lines of his dialogues, where a good dose of irony is not missing, he talks to us about forgiveness, reconciliation and of our destiny. But it is in the portrait of the three women that the true strength of the work lies: separate and very distinct characters in the first act, in the second act reveal themselves to be the same person at different ages of life. As sharp as Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Three Tall Women lays bare the truths of our existence.


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