Un tris di arpe celtiche in prima mondiale



This new project sees the reunion of three exceptional young harpists, who virtually met and played together on the net during last spring's lockdown; this particular experience gave them the desire for more authentic and in-depth musical encounters. So here they are guests of LocarnoFOLK for a world premiere!
Elisa Netzer, from Ticino, is a harpist who is constantly conquering the stages of classical music and boasts a career in both solo and orchestral music. Passionate about Irish and Scottish music for about twenty years, she studied Celtic harp with the greatest masters of this instrument.
Ailie Robertson is an award-winning composer and performer from Edinburgh, whose work goes far beyond the boundaries of traditional music. She has developed an individual style on the Celtic harp that represents a previously unthinkable synthesis of Irish, Scottish and contemporary harp techniques.
Immersed in the popular musical environment since birth, Adriano Sangineto, son of the Lombard luthier Michele Sangineto, soon began studying the instruments built by his father, specialising in the Celtic harp. Today he is the most innovative Italian harpist of his generation.


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