Vallemaggia Magic Blues


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This little big open air festival presents a series of blues music concerts featuring both national and international bands in the most suggestive squares of Vallemaggia. Thanks to the original concept, which married quality music and stunning locations, this 'itinerant' festival has found itself a secure place among the most important music events in the region.

Brontallo -   08.07.2022:   Amaury Faivre
      Big Daddy Wilson
Moghegno   -   13.07.2022:   Black Mama feat. Stephanie Océan Ghizzoni
      Andy J. Forest
Moghegno -   14.07.2022:   Veronica & Max
      Marija Gasparic & Nothing Toulouse
      Justina Lee Brown
Cevio -   20.07.2022:   Cek Franceschetti & The Stompers
      Mike Zito
Cevio -   21.07.2022:   Max Dega Shurablues feat. Angelo "Leadbelly" Rossi  
      Popa Chubby
Maggia -   27.07.2022:   Mandolin’ Brothers
      Dana Fuchs
Maggia -   28.07.2022:   SuperDownHome
      Nine Below Zero
Gordevio -   04.08.2022:   Freddie & The Cannonballs
      Philipp Fankhauser
Gordevio -   05.08.2022:   Luca Princiotta Band
      The Quireboys
      Philipp Bluedög Gerber Gang & FRIENDS
Avegno -   06.08.2022:   Bat Battiston
      Paolo Tomamichel Band
      Delta Groove Band
      The 20 Magic Anniversary Band + SPECIAL GUEST
      British Blues & Rock Explosion + Miller Anderson, Danny Handley, Michael Dotson, …
Avegno -   07.08.2022:   DimeBlend feat. Chiara Keyra Ruggeri
      Lisa Doby
      Sari Schorr


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