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From the 12th October until 9th of November 2019, la rada - independent space for contemporary art in Locarno - hosts Vibrating Zone, of the artists Delphine Chapuis Schmitz and Simon Lederberger.

An exhibiton curated by Carolina Sanchez and Lisa Lee Benjamin.

“...Life happens in a vibrating zone between crystallization and dissolution....or in other words  between pure radiation and cristallized form....”.

The artists were asked to reflect on the above text written by the scientist Alexander  Lauterwasser and interpret within their own poetics. The fragment, was seed of the  conversation, one of ephemerality and temporality as we and the world exist in a constant  flux and wrestling to stay the same and to change. The two artists dance between elements  of air, water, earth and fire, both leaving remnants of action — one of material and one  words. The pieces float as fragments in our imaginations and in contemplation as two forms  which have transcended and evolved into another. 

Vernissage: Friday 11th October 2019, at 6 pm.

Reading:  Saturday 12th October 2019, at 2 pm.

Opening Hours: 

Thursday-Saturday, 2-7 pm
or on appointment

Free entry.

More info: www.larada.ch or [email protected].


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