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The Rewind project after the "game of the heart" events in Bellinzona, with the Italian national singers team, in support of the Alessia association and "let's take the field against violence against women" in Taverne, with the Milan and Lugano women's teams in support of the The Never Alone Association reopens to a new and important project.
This year's ambition is aimed at something that has never yet seen the Ticino border, namely a "motorcycle therapy" event in favor of the Lega Cancro association and the Aftoim association.
In June 2024, the freestyle mototherapy and motocross event will take place in Via Largo Zorzi in Locarno, which will allow people with chronic illnesses or disabilities to get directly on board the motorbike, with all the necessary assistance and support.

Motor therapy will arrive in Ticino for the first time.
This is a method of intervention born from the intuition of the freestyle motocross rider Vanni Oddera who, as a champion of evolution with the motorbike, chose to donate his passion to help others through free days, around the world, to give moments of joy to disabled, hospitalized or hemoncological adults and children. Thanks to motorbike therapy, even people with disabilities and/or suffering from an illness can experience the thrill of riding a motorbike, experiencing the adrenaline of sport and acquiring physical, emotional, cognitive and social skills.
Recently some studies (Brymer & Mackenzie, 2015) have underlined the reaction between the practice of these sports and the improvement of health and general psychological well-being.
In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, some studies (Yazicioglu et al, 2012) report an improvement in the quality of life, a reduction in stress, both in children and in the family and an improvement in the perception of one's physical health and body image.

In broad terms, the general program of the day will include a first moment of motor therapy, followed by a feestyle show and some concerts. All surrounded by stalls and food tracks


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